Goosewaddle Plush Toy

Goosewaddle Plush Toy


Available colors:

  • White

Meet Baby Goosewaddle, the GooseWaddle Mascot
If there’s one thing a goose knows, it’s the special feeling of downy soft. So who better to serve as GooseWaddle’s lovable mascot than Baby Goosewaddle?! When he heard about our products, he flew here nonstop to see us. Needless to say, we hit it off immediately! Baby Goosewaddle is full of great ideas, and what makes him extra-special is how much he loves babies. When Baby Goosewaddle isn’t helping us out around the office, he loves to travel, swim and spend time with his own family at their lakeside retreat.


10" Tall

Fabric Content

100% Polyester

Care Instructions

Surface Wash with Cold Water. Air Dry.