Nursery Design Trends in 2014

Having a baby is such an exciting time, but let’s face it, moms are busy and we wanted to give you some design inspiration that will keep you up to date on the trends. If you have modern style, a love for vintage, or eclectic is more your style, here are some ideas to make any nursery perfect for you and your new baby.


  1. Whimsical Wallpaper: Don’t know where to start? Use a bold wallpaper on one wall as the focal point of your nursery design. We’ve seen wallpaper designs of trees, triangles, and tigers. Check out this modern flamingo print and others great designs by Kimberly Lewis here.
  2. Foxy Inspiration: Maybe the song “What Does the Fox Say” has something to do with this, but fox themed nurseries are everywhere. We love the cartoonish style moms are using in their décor. Here are some awesome animal prints to add to any nursery.
  3. Quirky Mobiles: We love the idea of mobiles because they are multi-functional, keeping babies entertained and adding a cute accessory to the room. We’ve seen some great DIY options or you can find some quirky, modern choices here.
  4. Black & White Décor: This color scheme doesn’t have to be dull. Modern nurseries are using black and white prints, patterns, and furniture to create a crisp and clean look. These ideas from Bellani Maternity.
  5. Tiny Teepees: This playful addition can be a great getaway right in their own room. A teepee is great for camp outs, a reading nook, or playing pretend. We have a feeling it will be a spot where mama loves to nap too. See more.